This is the website for Start Your Dutch, a Dutch language course for beginners and intermediate learners located in the Amsterdam city-center. There are two types of courses. One is an evening course where the focus is on getting you to conversational level Dutch (A1 or A2) as fast as possible. The other is a private course designed to take you up one language level, up to B2.


When is the next course?

The schedules for the Evening Course are currently being evaluated.

The Private Course is planned according to your wishes. Use the contact form to check availability.

The price for a private course is 320 euro. If you would like to do this course together with a friend the price is 250 euro per person.


What makes Start Your Dutch different?

Class size – You don't want to feel lost in a big classroom which is why classes consist of no more than 4 people. You get ample personal attention and will always be able to actively participate.
Individual coaching - Each course incorporates one or more private coaching sessions. This allows you to catch up on material or to make extra progress.
Learning and doing - Are you able to form a sentence? Good, now use it! When you acquire new language skills we go out and test them on real live Dutch people.
Beyond the course - The aim is for you to be self-reliant at the end of the course. You will be comfortable with starting conversations and have the tools to expand your Dutch by yourself.
No extra costs - With each course you get the SYD syllabus containing theory and exercises and a dvd with audio and video material. Everything you need to get you started.